The Complete Modern Calligraphy Course


In this online course you will learn a playful Modern Calligraphy script. It’s quite loose and easygoing, without very rigid rules. For me, Modern Calligraphy is all about having fun and developing your own style, without worrying too much about every letter being the same or every line being perfectly shaped.

If you have a wedding coming up and want to make your own place cards, or if you want to send some pretty special invitations out, then this is the perfect calligraphy style to learn. Save yourself some money by doing your own wedding calligraphy AND learn a new hobby, it’s a win-win really!

But above all, I believe that calligraphy can give you so much joy and relaxation. I truly believe that art is the best therapy there is, and practising calligraphy is a form of meditation. There’s no better way to quiet your mind than to just put nib to paper and create some pretty letters.

After purchasing the course you will be redirected to the course page immediately, and you can access the course at anytime by logging into your account using the username and password you will make upon checkout.



Included in the course are:

2.5 hours of video lessons and printable worksheets on:

  •  The best materials and where to find them
  •  The basic rules of Modern Calligraphy
  •  Practice strokes that will set you up to be a good calligrapher
  • All the base strokes that you need to know to shape letters
  •  The entire alphabet in both lowercase and capitals
  • How to connect letters
  • How to create a postcard or quote poster
  • How to address envelopes
  • How to mix your own ink in any colour

And last but most definitely not least:

  •  a community platform where you can ask questions, share your work and connect with others