Combined workshop Modern Calligraphy, brush lettering & water colour – 21 June 2020


This one is really exciting! As of April 1, I have my own workshop space in an old school building on the Amstel, which I will be using to host lots of modern calligraphy and water color workshops! I am so so excited!

Of course I had big plans for lots of workshops, but then Covid-19 reared its ugly head and made it impossible to go ahead with them. But here’s to hoping that by the end of June things will be fairly ‘normal’ again and we can get together and create. Something positive to look forward to! And I don’t know how you feel about it, but for me this period of uncertainty made it even clearer how much creativity and art can help to release stress and anxiety. So I can’t wait to introduce you all to the mindful, meditative world of calligraphy and water colour.

On Sunday the 21st of June I will be hosting a kick-off workshop in the new space that combines pointed pen calligraphy, brush lettering and water colour all in one workshop! The classroom is reeeeally big so I will be able to host 20 of you lovely people! Of course depending on the situation by then, the correct measures will be taken to make sure we all stay safe and healthy. Should we still not be able to get together in person by then, the workshop will be moved to a later date. Or if you feel uncomfortable coming or aren’t feeling well I will give you your money back, no questions asked!

Included in the costs are:
– 2 calligraphy nibs
– 2 nib holders (straight and oblique)
– a jar of Japanese Sumi ink
– the Oh Pretty Paper mini introduction into Modern Calligraphy and brush lettering
– a synthetic kolinsky water colour brush
– Ecoline brush pen
– coffee, tea, cake, snacks and celebratory bubbles!

The workshop will take place on  Sunday the 21st of June 2:00pm – 5:00pm at my new workspace near the Amstel Station, Meester Treublaan 1, Amsterdam.

Now as you can see the workshop space looks a little empty still. So far just the tables are in, so I still need chairs and I can’t wait to fill the space with lots of lovely green plants. So if you’d like to help me furnish the space, please bring a chair or a plant and you will get €25 off the price of the workshop! All you have to do is enter ‘IWILLBRINGAPLANT’ or ‘IWILLBRINGACHAIR’ as your promocode on checkout and the discount will be taken off your order. And then of course bring a chair or a plant on the day of the workshop!

There are 12 spots available for the workshop. Sign up for it by simply entering the number of seats below, add them to your basket and then pay for them through iDeal or PayPal and enter your details. After your payment comes through I will send you more information about the workshop, the location, the way to get there and where to park. There’s a minimum of 5 participants, should less people than that register I will contact you to arrange a refund or move the workshop to a later date.

Hope to see you all soon in my brand new creative hideaway!

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