Mini tutorial 8: simple watercolour leaves

For day 8 it’s back to watercolouring again! I’m showing you how to paint simple leaves with just 2 brush strokes!

The round brush that I use for these has a very thin tip and a wider body. This makes it perfect for painting leaves because you can use the tip for the stem and the thin top part of the leaves, while the body of the brush can be used for the wider bottom part of the leaf.

For the branch and stems of the leaves, use the tip of your brush. Hold your brush upright, almost in a 90 degree angle, and make a curved line with smaller curved lines coming from it.

Then, for the leaves themselves it’s literally 2 strokes! Start at the bottom of the leaf with pressure on your brush to create the wider bottom part. Then move your brush slowly towards the end of the leaf and gradually release pressure towards the end, until you’re at the very tip of the leaf an the tip of your brush. Then do the same thing again starting from the same point but move your brush lower to make the bottom part of your leaf, release pressure again and meet up with the tip of your first stroke to form the tip of the leaf. Anyway, I explain it all in the video!

These are the supplies I used today:

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