Mini tutorial 6: 2 colours abstract art work

It’s day 6, and we’re making an easy abstract watercolour artwork!

I figured we can all do with a little bit of art therapy to take our minds of things right now, and watercolours can be so soothing and mesmerizing to watch. The way the pigments move and interact with each other is like a little bit of magic. So we’re going to make a very simple artwork using the wet-on-wet technique so that the watercolours run into each other and creates a lovely mesmerizing effect.

Just paint circles in two different contrasting colours and let the circles just touch each other slightly so that the pigments run into each other. I sped the video up a little bit because it was kinda looong. So no explanation on video today, just play around with it and keep in mind the following tips & tricks:

  • Make sure to use enough water so that the pigment stays wet.
  • When you let circles touch, make sure to do so at a spot where the first circle is still wet. There’s usually a bit of a puddle in one spot, that’s the side of the circle where you want to let the circles touch.
  • Make your artwork more interesting by using different grades of each colour, make some circles really dark by using a lot of pigment, and others really light by using a lot of water and not so much pigment. Or add another shade of the same colour, like I did in my artwork by using both Prussian Blue and Cobalt Blue.
  • You can let colours overlap by waiting for a circle to dry first before you paint the other one partly over it. Don’t use too much pigment because you won’t see the overlap on our through a really dark saturated colour!

These are the supplies I used today:

The links above link to Van der Linde, which is one of my favourite creative heavens in Amsterdam and they also deliver!

I hope you will try this one, it’s such a fun, easy and rewarding technique! If you haven’t signed up for the tutorials in your mailbox yet then you can do so below. Take care!

Lots of love,

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