Mini tutorial 2: There’s magic in waiting

So it’s day two of the creative mini tutorials! I hope you all enjoyed the first one and are feeling well and positive.

Today’s tutorial is quite an easy and fun one! We’re going to let the water colour do its magic. The gallery wall in my living room needed some more artworks, so I created a little wet-on-wet water colour artwork. The key to this trick is using very wet water colour on a very wet patch on your paper. I love this little trick because you get really beautiful results with a very simple technique, which can feel really rewarding and motivating as a beginner.

Here’s a few pics of the end result:

And here’s the video in which I explain how to do this. The materials I used are:

When I was making this I realised that sometimes we just need to wait for magic to happen. The unpredictable results of the water colour pigment reacting with the water are what makes this technique so much fun.

I think the unpredictability of it all is what’s really stressful right now, but maybe if we just patiently wait, take care of ourselves and each other, look at the positives and trust in the universe (or whatever you may call it) then magic can happen.

So far my thoughts for today. I hope you enjoyed this one and if you haven’t signed up for the tutorials in your mailbox yet then you can do so below. Take care!

Lots of love,

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