Mini tutorial 14: Here’s a hug

It’s day 14 and today I’m sharing the last mini tutorial.

During this time of social distancing it’s such a blessing that we can stay in touch with each other virtually. Can you imagine this world right now if we weren’t able to have video calls with friends and family, stay informed online and build community with people around us?

That being said, I really miss hugging people! It was always such a given that you see friends and family in real life and when you do, you give them a big hug! Now that that’s out of the question you realise how nice it is to be able to hug and hold people, and how as humans we’re social beings that are made for that connection!

But we also have the heroes of PostNL that can still deliver hugs on paper! As much as I love to be able to stay in touch virtually, an actual physical card in the mail is something special and a real mood lifter. So today we’re making a water colour & fake calligraphy card to be sent to someone you love.

Supplies I used:

Start with the text on the card. Micron pens are waterproof and don’t smudge so you can write the text first and then add the water colour straight away. Write the words joint up and slightly cursive, then make all the downstrokes thicker so it looks like actual calligraphy. If you need a more in depth explanation of fake calligraphy, have a look at this mini-tutorial from a few days back

The ‘messy’ hearts are just 2 strokes of the brush. Load your brush with water and pigment, make sure to cover the full tip and body of the brush, then lay the brush down diagonally on the paper so that the body of the brush touches the paper, and repeat for the other side of the heart. No need to be really precise, the messy look of the hearts give the card character and creates a nice contrast with the neat text!

I hope you enjoyed this one and that you will suprise a loved one with a hand made card! If you want to receive free tutorials in the future and stay informed about upcoming creative workshops and online courses please register for the newsletter below!

Lots of love,

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