Mini tutorial 13: Somewhere over the rainbow

So today I’m painting a water colour rainbow. Kids all over the world are putting rainbows in their window as a little sign of hope and to brighten up the world a little. So if you have the kids at home and you’re running out of ideas to keep them entertained then this might be a nice one! 

And it’s such a lovely symbol, a rainbow. It stands for community and inclusivity, but also for hope. It signifies the sunshine after the rain but it’s also a sign of the¬†beauty that is still there even though we’re in the midst of a storm.¬†

These are the supplies I used today:

So with just 3 hues of paint I was able to create 6 different colours. By offloading pigment of your brush you’re weakening the colour and creating a lighter value of the same colour. Leave a little bit of white space in between the arches, but let them touch in a few spots to create that lovely water colour effect.

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Lots of love,

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