Mini tutorial 11: Fake calligraphy

So this is how I first ever started with calligraphy!

Did you know you can get that elegant calligraphy look with just a simple pen? If you know this trick you can use any pen to write calligraphy style, and you can write on any surface! Plus, this is a perfect first step towards real calligraphy with a nib pen because it teaches you where the heavy downstrokes are, so where to put pressure on your pen when working with a nib pen.

Start by writing your word in a cursive joint writing style. Make sure to give the letters enough ‘breathing space’, don’t write your letters too close together!

Next, determine where your downstrokes are. So where did you go downwards with your pen while writing the word? Give these downstrokes a double line so that an open thick line forms. Make sure the second line follows the same curve as the first downstroke so that it looks natural. Make all the thick lines about the same width!

Now, just fill in the open thick lines with your pen. And that’s it really!

In the video I used a Micron pen size 01. Micron pens are my favourite fineliners because they come in lots of (really thin!) sizes, they don’t bleed, write very smooth and they dry very fast. But you can try this with any pen really!

I hope you enjoyed this one. If you haven’t signed up for the tutorials in your mailbox yet then you can do so below. Take care and stay safe!

Lots of love,

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