Friends who help you grow

Gouache illustration friends

Last week my friend Angéla moved out of the studio and I already miss her so much! We had a little conversation on one of the last days we were both in the studio. I was working on the last video for my calligraphy course and she was preparing one of her online classes. When we met about 8 months ago, we had both never taught any classes online, and during our first ever cup of coffee we discussed wanting to create an online course and how we could maybe help each other. And 8 months later she has a thriving online course and I’m about to release mine! She said ‘it’s like we helped each other grow, we fed of each other’s energy’, and I think that is so true!

It made me realise that so much of my creative journey was fueled by friendship. From the friends trusting me with their wedding invitations to  lovely Dawnie helping me host my first ever calligraphy workshop, from  my friend Linda brainstorming about business with me to my bestie Mardon helping me record the online course. And of course Angéla, who inspired red jumpsuit girl in this illustration because she actually gave the inspiration for the whole illustration and I could never thank her enough for her support over the last 8 months.

All I can say is: surround yourself with people who want to see you grow, who will help you and inspire you and cheer you on. And support, inspire and cheer them on too, because there’s more than enough success to go round in the world and someone else’s success doesn’t mean you will have less. And find what makes you tick, because as soon as you start doing what lights you up in life, those friends will pop up all around you.

I made this illustration in my sketchbook using Winsor&Newton gouache and Caran d’Ache coloured pencils. I find the combination amazing because gouache will give you that nice colourful base and coloured pencils are perfect for details and add such a nice texture. I then cleaned the illustration up and added background and lettering on my Ipad.