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Letterpress wedding invitations

Letterpress is a popular printing method for wedding invitations. The design gets printed 'in' the paper, using an antique printing press and custom made stamps. This produces a lovely deep impression in the paper.

I use thick 100% cotton paper for Letterpress, and mix all inks myself to get exactly the right colour. Every colour gets set up on the press by hand, and every card gets put in the press manually. We can only print one colour per run, so every extra colour means an extra run through the press. That's why I use no more than 2 colours for letterpress designs.

Another popular technique for letterpress is 'blind' printing without ink. I love the effect of a blind impression on thick cotton paper, it's a real subtile and tangible detail that really adds something special to a card!

Because letterpress is a very intense process it's more expensive than standard flat printing. Contact me to discuss your ideas and to receive a price estimate.


Custom design

Do you want to send out a custom invitation for your wedding? A truly unique design that's really 'you' and that matches the perfect day you are planning?

In my designs for wedding stationery I often work with calligraphy, brush lettering and personal illustrations. We start with a meeting, live or on the phone, about your wishes and style and about what your wedding will look like. Then I start designing. You will receive the initial design within 3 weeks after our first meeting, and from there we work towards a perfect end result together.

All cards are printed on high quality paper with matching envelope. I only use eco friendly paper that has been recycled or that's made of 100% cotton.

You can find my price list for custom wedding stationery here. Contact me to discuss your wishes, or follow me on social media through the buttons below.